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How to Resell IPTV – Start Your Own Streaming Business

How to Resell IPTV: First Steps

IPTV reselling is one of the most financially rewarding deals in this time and age. Why? Because it is a form of business where you do not have to leave your current job to do it. Technical expertise is also not always a prequalification. How does it work? All you have to do is to get a reseller panel that has credits which you have purchased. You then use those credits to sell service to others. Essentially, IPTV resellers are the intermediary between IPTV service providers and the end users of IPTV.

iptv service providersSet up a business entity

First things first. Choose a memorable name for your entity which may be a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a company. Trading as an entity earns you more trust from the users than trading using your individual name. Your name is your marketing tool.

Contact the IPTV Service Providers.

This comes after you have settled on a particular market that you intend to target. If you look around, you will notice that some resellers target sports, while others focus on general content. Therefore, it is only after doing your research on the interests of your target group, that you can go ahead and contact the relevant service providers. Do this by visiting different companies’ websites and filling out the forms on those websites to apply to become their reseller. Familiarize yourself with the service provider’s materials as much as possible. This is because some service providers have different levels of resellers that come with different packages.

Set up a physical office

This may be for your team of employees or even your point of contact. However, it cannot be the sole point of contact if you are to have an impact in the market. The main ways of creating contact are direct contact, website reselling, or both. Direct contact involves visiting specific people, groups or forums directly. Using a website or a social media platform creates an online point of contact for you. You should however apply both methods to ensure that you have contact with all your customers. A website presence and a physical office will make you seem genuine and earn you some confidence from the end users since there are many counterfeit resellers out there.

How to Resell IPTV: Kick Off Business

As a business person, you must always know what your market looks like. You must identify your competitors, and their ways of running business. That is the only way you can come up with ways of beating competition and staying in the market.

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